I'm pretty new to this site, and by pretty new I mean this is my first entry. I found this site in an attempt to get something out of it. I guess that's why most people do anything in the first place. But in all honesty I'm just trying to find some one like me. Who knows what I know and who has felt something close to what I've felt. I mean, there has got to be some one out there who can relate. I was addicted to cough syrup. I guess the word that would really be more appropriate is addicted. I hate admitting to the fact that I'm addicted even though it's been about a month since my relapse. But here I go. Last Easter I was introduced to a new kind of trip. My friend called it triple c's but I was already familiar to it. The first time I had it I was too high to really see any difference in the trips. But that Easter I took it. We both waited an hour and finally it hit me. I was tripping balls. It was a beautiful trip. I had become happy. But once that trip was over, I had to have it again. From that day I took it every day twice a day for three months. Over 180 times. I finally quit when I had lost everything. In three months I had successfully ruined my life. In three months I had brought myself to my lowest. On my last trip before I attempted to quit i was so low and so unhappy being who I was on the trip I tried to kill myself. I started taking overdose amounts of pain medication until I thought it was enough. I woke up the next day. Extremely dissatisfied I smoked some weed and I realized that all these problems and all of my sorrow was because of the syrup. I quit cold that day. Three months later I relapsed. I took it twice. But the second time my boyfriend scared me into stopping. It's been about a month since then. I'm craving it so bad. I'm getting so nauseous. I can't eat. It's so hard to sleep. I need advice from anybody at this point. What should I do?


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