My youngest son has asperger syndrome which is high functioning autism. He has alot of behavioral and has social skills issues. He even has to have a one on one side at school because of this. Just a while ago the aide informed me of my son talking about this horrible thing I don’t want to repeat bit is not something he should know anything about. Apparently he learned it on an adult cartoon show. I have tried to let him be a teenager and trust that he is watching things that aren’t out there. Let’s face it most things put there are inappropriate and I get that. I am trying not to shelter my son but when he talked about this subject inwas just in shock. (I prefer not to say what it is) he does over do it on the screen time and I have made an effort not to let him get to this point of addiction to the screen but it hasn’t worked out very well due to the fact that his dad is not on the same page as me. (That’s a whole other bunch of b.s.) but I digress… I tell my bf what has happened and am freaked out and what does he do? He’s already planning on how he’s gonna “approch” him about it. First of all I didnt ask him too. I only told him so he can support me. He has a tendency to get all up in my patenting business. I realize that we live together but I don’t need him to be an ogre with some things. My son has a dad (not that he’s the best role model) but his dad non the less. When I asked my bf to back off and that I would deal with it… He got mad and offended. Can anyone tell me why he has to get like this? He is my “partner” but we really haven’t been that for a long time. Its a long complicated story. See… with my depression, anxiety and now going through the change of like aka menopause I’m a worse wreck than before. Very irritable and snappy. I hate that when I am trying  to discipline my son everyone has to butt in. Like everyone is hanging up on him. Its not cool. Its bad enough I’m yelling at him but now the whole world too. I hate it. My done is sensitive and also has anxiety. I want to be accepting of him and his way of being bit not everyone is. Its so hard to try and be there for him with little to no support from anyone. He has a behavior therapist that comes to help us 3 times a week for 3 hrs a day. It has helped bit sit needs alot of help. I’m just feeling like I let him get to this point and let him get addicted to media and he is living in this imaginary world of stupid annoying YouTube stars and just believing everything the internet says and him not being able to form his own opinions about anything. His dad enables him and gives him everything in the world. My son has a sense of entitlement and doesn’t have a clue about money. He thinks his dad will get him whatever he wants and he doesn’t have to worry about a thing. I try and do everything I can for this boy and have fought for him and you all can not imagine the things we have been through. He’s been bullied and just had emotional trauma at school. Just a nightmare. I worry about how he wi get along in life when we aren’t around to help him. I am sobbing right now because I just don’t know what to do. I want to take him and run away from everyone and give him a fighting chance. He’s 15 and if he falls into the ways of kids today he could end up in jail or worse. I try to be a good mom but just feeling I haven’t been able to cut the mustard. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


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