How am I meant to deal with difficult people?

Because my grandparents are being just that!!! And a few times they have said… "do what makes you feel comfortable" So I go and bloody do what makes me feel comfortable I make plans to meet up with them in a way that makes me comfortable and I have stated atleast four times what makes me bloody comfortable, But yet they try and pursway me out of my comfort zone and take me alone out of my home. They try and tell me I dont need mum there, whethere i bloody need her there or not she is going to be there whether they fucking like it or not. I hate how they are telling me one thing then they go and tell me the complete opposite, its fucking stupid!!! I dont understand, why do that? I am getting damn sick of repeating myself. This meeting shouldnt be this bloody difficult!!! I even went as clear as a short very blunt message and gave them a time, date and place to meet see ya there kinda thing and once again I get "oh how about I take you out for lunch instead?" I dont want fucking lunch… I want you in my house so we can talk privately. Am i speaking another language it cant be that hard to understand, can it? I am getting so so so close to saying "It's now or never" It shouldnt be this hard!!!

Any of you have any suggestions on how i could possibly be heard…? I have tried the polite way, I have tried the blunt way, I have used there own words against them, I think I have tried every way I can think of to get them to understand, but they are not getting it.

Please some help on this one would be good


  1. DisasterPieces 13 years ago

    Maybe a dinner at your place. If that doesn’t work, then just don’t care about it. Sometimes, it’s the best thing to do.
    Sometimes, I think we spend too much time investing in relationships that just don’t work. It’s like trying to dress a piece of cloth one doesn’t like. 

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  2. Tara 13 years ago

    Well I suggested after noon tea, sit down have a cuppa n some cake or what ever,  and still yeah.

    But I think I have made up my mind that if they keep avoiding my house and mum and dont show up on the 11th of january at 2pm then I will just let it go

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  3. prism 13 years ago

    I think they are just trying to help you in their eyes. They think by exposing you to things you will get better. As they don’t suffer from anxiety they haven’t a clue that what they are doing is actually making things worse for you. People without anxiety think they know what is best for you to make you better when in actual fact it is the sufferer that knows what they are capable of.

    Over the years i have had lots of people say to me "just go out and do something". If it were only as simple as that. It has taken a long time for them to get it into their skull that i know best and that just going out is not the answer. Maybe someone else could have a word in their ear and say that what they are doing is putting undue stress on you.

    I hope they will soon understand that you need to fight this on your terms and not what they think will work.

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