• My image has gone down! Why does it matter? Ha ha, i used to be the most popular girl in school but now it's like i don't even exsist to most people. Everyone still knows who i am, everyone still cares about what i do, but ever since my ex & i broke up his brother decides he could tell everyone lies & starts rumors, guess what, rumors are for lowkey people. If he has something to say, he can say it to my face, isn't that what my face is for? Dang, people these days, they needa learn if they got shit to say they gott speak up & get this shit straight.
  • On the other hand i got this other girl that likes talking shit too, wow, what a world. Maybe if people learn how to start saying shit to each others faces life would be so much easier, but yet harder. With everyone pressuring me to do everything & help them be popular or get their shit straight, im just ready to end my life & say hell with it, im done, my life is hard enough i don't need drama, i dont even want drama. God, no one gets it, i love helping you out but your drama is getting on my nerves more than it is on yours!
  • Plan B, maybe i could get my image back on rightif i fix it with them, butmy exes brother would just run away, heprobably thinks hes cool, but at the dance he tried getting in a fight with a girl, that girl was me! Wow, thats hecka lowkey though. & the chick well she will do anything to be my friend.
  • i guess the only way to get to where i wanna be is start from the top & work my way up, even though i worked my whole entire life on that, it'll be hard. I want my image back & i got for what i want.

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