I just found this little part in the book that I am readinga and had to share it with everyone else, it is written by Gina Lake.

" The fear that we can learn to move beyond is fear that comes from a thought- from the egoic mind, the conditioned self, not from the instinctual self. The egoic mind makes up things to be afraid of based on conditioning, past experiences, and what it's seen and heard. It makes them up!A scary thought appears in your mind, and you feel fear in your body. The physiological response then, reinforces the made-up fear. The fear came from a thought- from your imagination- and then the body's response make that thought seem true because the body respons equally to real imagined fears."

This really made me thing about my own personal fear. I have a fear of developing schizophrenia or bipolar disorder because my aunt and uncle have the disorders. Since I have been around people with those certain ilnesses, I know how hard it can be and that reinforces my fear. I pretty much associated since my aunt and uncle have it, I must get it or my children are going to have it. I know it is a made up fear, but I let it control me, which I am no longer going to let it. I will not allow a made up fear strip me away from the happiness I should be experiencing in the present. No one knows what the future hold. Also the way people percieve those with a mental illness, and the way media portrays it, has played a role in my fear, because those are all things I have seen and heard negatively about mental illness, that it made my fear worse.

Anyway, I am reading some really good books by Gina Lake on my Kindle which I recommend to anyone who has some time to read, they are really great! She is a psychologist and a spiritual teacher, who really is wonderful and teaches you how to live in the present, which I am trying to do.


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