So i literally just nearly finshed writing this blog when my computer freaked and deleted it all !!! god dammit (sorry if any of you are religious)

basically i was ranting about other peoples opinions. We are surrounded by complete pricks, agree?!

Every Tom Dick and Harry has to stick in with their small minded, horrible, unwated opinion. I mean dont get me wrong i really am someone who values others opinions and ill always have time for people to explain their opinions to me but sometimes they are so god dam fucking ignorant i just want to punch the person in the face, with a shovel.

Let me tell about a few topics that really fill me with rage

Suicide – naturally.

''selfish'' is a word that gets chucked around so much in a suicide discussion. Yes I do see how someone whoo has never suffered with suicidal thoughts or depression will think this and it must be so hard to comprehend suicide when you are so alienated from it. Its not this i get annoyed about, its the reason people think they are selfish. ''could you not have killed yourself in private rather than making me late for work''. Really?? Did i really see that one morning? unfortunatly yes i did. Sickening right? and you know what makes it sickening. Not the fact theyre not even thinking about the poor train driver who will probably never sleep properly again in his life, or the poor young girl who will proabably now spend months in therapy, or the poor person who was so desperate that they threw themselves infront of a train. all they care about is getting their fucking mornign coffee on time. So you know what word springs to mind? yep you guessed it… HYPOCRITES

A couple of discussions ive had with the guy im seeing – immagrants and elderly with dementia. I really do like this guy but oh myyy he infuriated me with how fucking bone headedly stupid he was being!!! I wont even start talking about immagrants because ill never shut up.

As for elderly, i used to work in a carehome so this is another topic really close to my heart. Like with everything, when people dont understand it they will think badly of it, which is totally natural, but when they are then too stubborn to listen to reasoning, thats what pisses me off.

I told him a story about how one of the men we had come in, at one point called the police as he thought his car had been stolen when actually he had parked it in the garage. His response was something like 'what an idiot as if he didnt just go and look in the garage'. I just stared at him like 'are you for real' – No Joe because he has dementia – yeah but as if that wouldnt be the first thing youd do – again no Joe they dont think logically, he panicked he probably didnt even remember he had a garage. and i ended up getting so angry I had to stop the conversation because he wasnt listening to what i was saying.

so whether its extreme deep conversations like that or justsomeone going to me 'why are you doing that' when it has absolutly noothing to do with them at alllll; peoples opinions and little comments as of late are making me seriusly doubt humanity.

Global warming, terroism, murder – we have absolutly destroyed this planet, and the saddest part?…

Nobody cares.

  1. vinyljunkie 8 years ago

    Utopia is what we all seek…..but will never find sadly.

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  2. Savannah_13 8 years ago

    Would never want or expect utopia. nothing wrong with a few imperfections

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  3. elf 8 years ago

    Sounds like you are at a point  where you have no patience for stupidity and selfishness right now. Kudos to you for working with the elderly and understanding their dementia. I am sure that can wear on your patience, but you know they cannot help it.  You seem to be a very caring person to those who need it most.

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