I had a dream last night that was actually pretty scary for me.

In the dream, I don't know if I was in my own house or someone else's, but I do know I was in an alternate plane/world where monsters were dominant over human beings, and humans were servants to them. The dream took place the entire time in this house, and essentially, I was home waiting for Mom and everyone else to come home so I could be protected from these monsters.

Well one of the monsters came, he was an orc and he demanded I open the door. I didn't because I was scared of him, because he could hurt my family or me. He left and another monster came, which was more of a heavyset troll in a witch hat. She was able to manipulate the lock on the door using magic and opened it, and I couldn't push it shut because she was much stronger than me.

So she and I sat somewhere, and she had kind of a talk about how I need to do what the orc says, and just live my life without worrying about being killed by the monsters. I agreed and she left.

Before I could go and lock the door, the orc invited himself in, as well as a few other monsters, and he asked me to shave his beard in front of his friends. I went and got a shaving kit from another room, and was just about to begin when my alarm went off. I woke up and felt absolutely relieved that this was just a dream.

It felt like being in a controlling or abusive relationship, and what was scary was that I was defenseless, I couldn't even lock the door and keep the monsters out because they could just open it up effortlessly.

I guess what I got out of this dream was what the troll witch said, to just enjoy my life without worrying about everything.


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