I just found this website yeesterday and have been able to vent to a few people and it has seem to help but for those that don't know here is my story…  I had been married for almost 17 years, have 2 teenage boys and a husband that I feel out of love with.

My husband and i separated the first of Jan becuase I became emotionally involved with someone at work. Due to the things lacking in my marriage I cried out for help from him  and it feel on deaf ears. Then my husband calls my boss about this other person and i am forced to quit my job or be fired.

So feeling even more lost and hopeless I lived in the family home with my boys until last month. My ex agreed to pay for me a place to live and my bills until I could find another job. (Hasn't been going well) In the mean time I have become more involved with my Friend. I actually feel in love with him.

Just last week my youngest son broke into my email and foundall the letters that he and i wrote back to one another and has since decided that he wants to live with his father now. (my oldest son wanted to stay in the house when i moved out last month he felt better being there) They both blame me for the failure of the marriage.

They also blame the man who is now my boyfriend. If my marriage was right to begin with I would have never went eles where. I had cried for help many many times. My ex husband never had the time. I got tried of asking….

So right now I sit alone in my apartment with no job knowing that my kids won't be coming in the door from school any moment and even though I have a boyfriend I HAVE NEVER FELT SO ALONE AS A DO NOW.



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