I just got my drivers license on monday. I’m 18.. so for Michigan, I’m a little late.(2 years.)

Is it normal to feel like I really SHOULDNT be driving by myself yet?

I don’t know if it’s just not sunk in that I got my license yet, since when I got the temp paper I put it immediately in the glove box and I don’t think even read it or anything, or maybe because I haven’t driven by myself yet.

But Clark wanted me to come to Pat’s house with him today and was like “HAHA YOU SHOULD DRIVE YOURSELF” and it just feels like… “wow.. I definitely should not be driving by myself yet.”

I mean.. I passed the test.. and as it turns out, Clark got the same score I did, and I was in the car with him right after he got his license and he was fine. So I don’t think it’s because I’m really not a good enough driver.. but I dunno. Sometimes when I drive I still make mistakes, and sometimes I still have to ask whether or not the space is big enough for me to go.. even though I have a pretty good idea myself, I still need reassurance..

Should I not be driving by myself yet?

I mean I know it’s okay to still drive with my parents for a bit until I’m comfortable, and I’m going to have to do that anyway because I won’t be able to drive for two weeks until I get back from FL. And it’s not like I’m going to drive 400 miles away or even get on the expressway, probably just drives to familiar places. But I’d like to get used to driving by myself, since I’ll have to for school. I dunno.

I dunno. I guess I don’t know if this kind of doubt is normal, or if this is just my usual lack of confidence thing, or if I really shouldn’t try to drive alone yet even though I passed the test.

I don’t know how I’m ever going to tell if I’m really not ready or this is just my lack of self-confidence and anxiety holding me back.

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  1. cari 15 years ago

    I felt the same way when I first started driving. I was very unsure and a little scared. It just takes a while to feel comfortable. I would say that it might not hurt to drive with others for a little while longer but eventually you’ll need to take the plunge and try it by yourself. Once you do it will eventually get easier and pretty soon it will be “like riding a bike”. But even after over 10 years of driving I still sometimes get nervous – usually at 4-way stops. It’s probably good to be a little nervous – makes you a more careful driver – as long as the fear doesn’t get in the way of you driving at all.

    That’s my point of view. Hope that helps! Congrats on getting the license! Hope you have fun in Florida! 🙂

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