Well hullo. This is my second time writing this because my computer crashed DX

I thought today would be a great time to write my first blog because I got my brain-like adenoids removed today. And if no one minds, I'm going to copy and paste some text I wrote before here because I'm too tierd to write everything down again.

Here it is:

Everytime I swallow it hurts because of the surgery, and I had to lay down ofa bed with a needle stuck in my arm for hours. I have a phobia of needles so it was really stressfull for me 😛

My grandma bought me a gray shirt to match my pajama pants because it bothered her that my other shirt didn't match my pants.

“Maybe I have a little OCD too.” She said.

But the thing is, my Grandma isn't supposed to know about my OCD. The phychiatrist is supposed to keep the patient confidentiallity! What the heck? So I thought about it, realized I didn't care if my Grandma knew about my OCD, and I went of complaining about how my throat hurt in a comical way to make my Grandma laugh. She had to stay in the room with me and was probably bored out of her mind. Why not entertain her by embarassing myself with funny comments? I had fun embarrasing myself too, so all was good.

“My Mom probably told my Grandma about the OCD.” I thought.

After a while, I got tiered of how everyone was carrying me around after the surgery because I was so weak. So all at once, I got my arrogant self out of bed and took a little walk around the hospital, tripping over nothing like I was drunk, carrying a heavy metal drip.Why must I do this to myself? xD

Anyway, so now I can only eat cold things. That means ice cream. But I got sick of it because I ate it so much. Now all I want is warm and salty stuff like frenchfries and popcorn, and pastels that I can't have.

Yes, Pastels are an awesome food in Brazil. I like the plain cheese ones the best P:

Anyway, the song is dedicated to my lost adenoids. They found another galaxy with more room to fly. Darn, this song brings out the memories.

I'll stop writing now xD

P.S. Listen to the song. It's awesome.

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  1. InNeedofHelp 11 years ago

     I enjoyed reading your blog, Sometimes family knowing can help how you heal fast and well enjoy your day!

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