First off I want to let ya\’ll know I am using a few sites.

First…… emotional abuse.

One site says there are six types of emotional abuse.

  1. Rejecting
  2. Ignoring
  3. Terrorizing
  4. Isolating
  5. Corrupting
  6. Exploiting

Rejecting often times is showing the kids, in words or deeds, that you don\’t want them. Telling them to leave. Letting them know they are worthless. Blaming them for everything.

This involves, but not limited to, name calling, refusing love, locking kid out of house to punish, keeping child away from other family members.

Ignoring often times is showing no interest in a child. The parent is usually not with the kid emotionally.

This involves, but is not limited to, refusing to acknowledge the child\’s interest (choir, sports, dance, etc.), denying health/medical care, protecting child from harm.

Terrorizing often times is yelling, threatening, cursing at child. Often times the child is singled out for normal thing to be used as punishment.

This involves, but is not limited to, verbal threats to harm the child, humiliating child in front of others, weird ( extreme, unpredictable, and/or unreasonable) reactions.

 Isolating often times is not allowing child to be involved in normal things (sports, play dates, dances), forcing child to stay in room other then for necessities (school, bathroom, eating), keeping child away from family and friends.

This involves, but is not limited to, leaving a child alone for long periods of time, requiring a child to stay indoors/ in their room, extreme punishments for typical child behavior, encouraging a child to stay away from social situations.

 Corrupting often times is allowing child to use drugs/alcohol, watch cruelty towards animals, watch or look at sexual stuff, letting them participate in criminal things (prostitution, stealing, assaulting, etc.).

This involves, but is not limited to, rewarding illegal behavior, giving child drug or using them in front of, allowing or encouraging child to hurt self or others.

Exploiting often times is manipulation or forced activity.

This involves, but is not limited to, requiring a child to care for sibling, unreasonable chores, blaming child for other\’s actions.


Thanks for reading but remember I am NOT a professional and I am NOT 100% sure these sites are accurate.

Also remember you are loved and needed in this world. You count and matter to somebody. You matter to me.

Here is Website used:


  1. reey04 3 years ago

    This was really interesting to read. I wish I can show my parents so they can understand what they did/are doing wrong. So many times I try to talk to them about emotional abuse but they believe that only physical/sexual abuse affects a child. They also believe that they’re great parents because they provide for my siblings and I financially.

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    • Author
      rayray-2 3 years ago

      I think my mom is the same way. She doesn’t think she abuses me which makes it ten times harder for me to tell her what is happening and how she is screwing up as a parent.

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  2. emia31 3 years ago

    my parents are just like your mom! it sucks!

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