The picture shows the blanket that I am knitting    It started out to be a baby blanket but I decided to go bigger.  It is now becoming a lap throw


My research on empaths and narcissists continues on.   My theory that I was used by many narcissists continues to be confirmed.

The setting of boundaries is so important.

The act of writing out your experiences and emotions essential.

The act of letting people deal with their own consequences yet being there is a tough balance.

Narcissists give empaths a purpose and focus.   They take and take.   Empaths tend to give and give.

Eventually the empath has nothing less to give and is getting nothing back.

Someone when a empath ends a relationship with a narcissist tbough, the empath ends up with all the guilt.

Sadly narcissists tend to see empaths as naive and stupid for being kind and empathetic.   They see them as weak and deserving of being used and thrown away by them if desired.

Covert narcissists are terrifying because they can fake empathy they don’t possess.

They know what the actions that display empathy look like but they don’t feel other pain.

The only thing that matters is their own reality.

Others are mere chess pieces at play who could be dismissed from their life at a whim.

It is all about them.

The mirroring, manipulation and lack of empathy traits mixed with a heartless agenda of a covert narcissist is often invisible to people who haven’t experienced such emotional abuse.

They take pride in giving really good impressions to people who hardly know them.

The goal seems to be to make the empaths or people with normal ranges of compassion and decency to look like heartless people when they walk away from narcissist use and abuse.

Knowledge and boundaries are weapons to protect from covert and all narcissist individuals.

As the saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you.  Food me twice; shame on me.”

We need to stop giving second chances.   When people show you who they really are, believe them!



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