when i was feeling ever thing i wanted to feel nothing but now that i do feel nothing i hate it every time i feel empty i feel like i’m not real i feel fake it’s as if i’m a robot just doing has told but can’t feel anything.

i want to feel everything but when i do stored to feel every thing i will want to feel nothing again and i hate it just like i hate myself. i feel so empty and numb it’s like i’m in a cage with no lock or door keeping me in but i just can’t get out and when i try to leave i get pulled back in to the cage and i hate it i just want to be happy and not empty. i always feel like i’m being controlled. but by what? by what i do not know i’m just being controlled and i hate it that is all i know.

  1. kikidagoat 2 years ago

    Avery@14 I know what you mean, sometimes I feel like that a lot and its hard for me to open up to people. Its never a good feeling to have to hide emotion or sometimes even show it. Maybe you just need someone to uplift you and make you realize sometimes this all happens to us and you’re not alone.

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  2. chelis23 2 years ago

    I know the feeling to well am felling similar right now I don’t want to feel but I do t want to feel like a machine or like a robot going true life just going true themotions because felling is so painful but don’t give up I want to belive there is life at the end of this tunnel and it gets better so don’t give up you are not alone

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