So I've been dating a guy for about 3 months (however, there was an incident that I found to be very disrespectful and I separated from him for about 2 weeks in between). Anyways, I think we are at different spots in our lives. I have been divorced for a few years and he is just recently divorced. At first we were just dating and then he decided he was me as his 'girlfriend'…so a relationship. However, it doesn't feel like that. I never know when I will see him (which isn't a huge deal bc spotanaity can be good), but it feels like I only see him when it's convenient for him. He completely blew me off Friday when I invited him over…I told him he could stop by (said this at lunch) that night if he wanted….didn't hear from him until 1230 in the morning and he was trashed. He txtd and apologized the next morning for being so drunk. He had to go out of town with a family member to pick something up. While there I was scrolling through Facebook and learned that he had gone to a concert at our fair with people (i knew them). But the thing is, he never told me about it….he knew I had my daughter so wouldn't have been able to go anyways, but still why would he not say anything?

Last night I called him and he was working so was going to call me back later….he never did. I txtd him around 930 to jokingly say he forgot to call me but goodnight….an hour later nothing so i was irritated and decided I needed to address everything with him so asked if he could come over the next night (today). Nothing. And he typically txts me good morning and he didn't…so I did just to see if I'd get a response…nothing. So obviously something is up.

I don't care what his deal is but with all of this gonig on it's not right forme. It's causing me too much stress and no matter what he says, I can see by actions we are in diffrent places. So if I don't hear from him by lunch I'm going to have to be the bitch that ends things by text….which I do not want to do, but he's giving me no other choice.

Any thoughts?

  1. cassangel69 8 years ago

    If the relationship is causing you stress I myself would end it. Life is too short and with anxiety issues to deal with the less stress the better. I believe you deserve to be treated better than that with more consideration to your thoughts and feelings. So I would end it and enjoy that peace in my life – God Speed and good luck dear <3

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  2. Shelley5716 8 years ago

    Agree with Cass … love urself enough not to put up with it …

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