So I think my meds may be kickin in some. I made some big changes and stood up for myself and had to say no to some ppl I really love and want to say yes to, but given that I am just recoverying from a down down time I need to take care of Bets.

I did some fishing yesterday and today is another beautiful day and I started it with a walk on the beach. I really really feel like I dont have a fucking care in the world. And my mind is like, "Bets WORRY"..but my body is blockin it, the meds perhaps. Now I just gotta work on retraining my thoughts.

Today is going to be a great day. The last farmers mkt for the year, where all the local growers get together and sell their goods. I really want some farm fresh squash!!! YUMMMMY!

I go to see an endroconologist on Thursday and Im not even worrying about that. Although I have to do a twenty four urine sample, and no that is not pee 24 hours before appt., it is collecting pee for 24 hours and putting it in a jug! Gracious me! They tried to send me out of the lab with this huge container and this thing you put on the toilet to "catch" the urine. I asked for a bag, she put it in this huge BIOHAZARD bag, its a good thing i got a sense of humor! I was like yeah nah Im good let me go to my car Ill brb, got a school bag and made it out of the office without ppl seein my pee catcher! LOL. Anyways lookin actually forward to this appointment but not wantin to take more meds if they find a hormone inbalance. I like how my whore moans…LOL…its a joke!

Ok well now I know the rest of my story…..vibe1luv Bets


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