plz don’t do anything bad
there is people that love you your the closest thing to a friend they have
i used to be just like you and i got help
got into a therapy program, had some meds changed around, and now look at me
i don’t feel the depression or anxiety forcing me down anymore
sure, its there but at least its not interfering with my everyday life anymore
i used to be so focused on the bad things in life that i couldn’t see what really mattered
take this from a girl who thought death was the only option, a girl who was seconds away from suicide, a girl who had lost all hope
please, get some help
try group therapy or maybe one-on-one therapy if you don’t feel comfortable around others. maybe you might need meds for your problems. they can really help sometimes.
your not alone out there. there are others just like you.
if there is anything i’ve learned its that when death seems like the only option, 99.9 % of the time there is a way to get better. that 0.1% of the time only counts for those with diseases that can’t be cured like when no treatment helps someone with cancer or any other disease like that.
don’t make excuses for yourself.
you don’t cause everyone pain. its not always your fault when something goes wrong. and i know it hurts really bad when someone you love dies or your girlfriend/ boyfriend dumps you, but you can’t let that rule your life. you have to take control. i know you might think "it won’t ever get better" or "no one can help me" but thats depression talking. its not the truth. no matter what you can make your life better.
if you don’t believe in yourself and believe you can do it, things will only continue to get worse.
i hope i have helped.


if you need some one to talk to, some one who will understand, then feel free to message me or we can go into a room in the chatroom or something. my one goal is to help others who are suffering like i did. so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for help.



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