Happy New Year everyone! I hope that it started out well for everybody. Myself, I went to sleep around 10 p.m. last night ~ too tired to go out and too sleepy to make it to watch the ball drop. Besides, everyone here was already in bed.I feel likeI stayed up till 3 in the morning though. I'm ready to goback to bed.

Not a lothas been happening here ~ for the last 3 days I've had some peace from my anxiety issues; hurray forthat! Still dealing withthe depressive stuff,but less so than before. I wonderif it has anything to do with being off theCelexa fora few days? I know it's an anti-depressant, but they've been knownto cause worsening ofdepressionsymptoms sometimes. I'll have to talkto mypsychiatrist about it. I think I'm goingto try to make another appointment with him here soon if the anxiety continues to be high like it was a few days ago.

Iknow I haven't written a blog in a few days, but really there was nothing to tell. I've been spendingquite a bit ofquality time with my son playing basketballand pushing him on his new swing and helping him do large puzzles with my Mom and I. Today we're probably going to watch Mr. Popper's Penguins and Men In Black 2…make it a lazy day. I need to clean the house, but it's hard to do when my husband is trying to sleep downstairs and I have the vaccuum running upstairs. (Not sure how to spell vaccuum…?) Anyhow, I've still got a Christmas/Birthday wreck to clean up in the living and dining room. Fun. I'll tackle it a little at a time, 20 minutes here, 15 minutes there, etc.. I also have to finish filling out my SSD paperwork today. Ugh.

I can't believe it's January 1st already. Where did last year go? It went so dang fast thatit's a little scary. I replay the year in my head and it seems like it wasonly 3-4 months long instead of 12. I must be losing my mind. My memorystinks though because of all of the medications I'mon. I'm sure more happened than I actually think ~ I just don't remember it right now.

We're having more animal issues…my Mom's dog has been having tummy issues and this morning we awoke to dog poop everywhere from the living room to the hallway.That was a pleasant wayto start the NewYear. (Rolling my eyes)And last night I had to throw my kitty Chance outside because he sprayed our dirty clothes rightin front of me! So for now he is an outside cat and only allowed upstairs. There is rivalry between he and my othermale cat and that's why he's spraying. When he's upstairs he's as good as gold. I swear all the animals are going bonkers!

I'mstartingto feeloverwhelmed just thinkingabout all of the stuff that needs to get done…I have to remind myselfto do a little at a time and not push myself. Well, I guess I better get started with my day. I had a full night's restand only woke up briefly once. That's gotto be a record for me.

Okay,I'm done boring everyone. Like I said, not much isgoing on around here except a few more birthdays. My Mom's is the 8th, my Dad's is the 10th,my sister-in-law is the11th and my step-dad's would have been the 13th. I hate the fact that they're all clumped together; it makes trying to buygifts impossible.

Ihope you all have a greatday and feel at peace. Love and hugs to all! ~Key


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