Well today was a very busy day.  Started the morning by making my kids waffles – which they wanted me to make (surprise) and loved.  Most Sunday mornings they say they want the frozen kind – not the homemade kind. 

Then we worked on the sandbox for a little while before we had to hurry and get ready for the Clippers game.  Getting ready started out ok – until the kids started arguing, we could not find the snugglie for the baby, and the baby had to eat.  I lost it a few times by yelling at the kids – they just couldn’t agree on anything.  Finally we were on our way.

What a trip the Clippers game was.  The kids did not have a good time.  It started with finding out that our tickets were directly in the sun – and the kids did not have sunglasses.  So – we had to spend $20 to buy 2 pairs of sunglasses for the older kids.  Then – when we got to our seats, we determined that Lucas probably needed a hat as the sun would be right in our faces soon.  I sent my husband to the gift shop – and he came back with not one, but three hats.  The older kids wanted them too.  That was $50.  Then we spent $4 for a small popcorn, which blew over when my husband tried to get a characters autograph for the kids.  We ended up leaving the game after the 3rd inning – who knew that it would be 80 degrees in April.

When we got home we started to work on the sandbox again.  All day out there.  The only thing that we have left to do is the lid.  My husband loves to make sure that the kids have high quality stuff.  This sandbox could probably withstand a hurricane.  I am sure that the kids will have many hours of enjoyment.

Overall – I had a really great weekend.  At times, yesterday was not the best.  I felt that I did not get enough stuff done.  But, really, I did get a lot of stuff done.  My kids are happy and I am happy to.  I think that a big part of how I feel this weekend has a lot to do with my weight.  I was able to get in some clothes today that I have not worn since before I was pregnant with the baby.  That is awesome!  I think that I can probably take back the new shorts that I bought for vacation and just wear the ones that I had the last time we were there.  I am so ready for vacation!  I hope that feeling good about my weight lasts longer than just this weekend. 

Something to think about for tomorrow.  For now – I am going to bed.


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