So today we adopted a new birld (Lord help us!). He's a cockatiel, and my son has named him Zeke. It turns out that we were lucky in our choice~ we wanted a male because we have a female named April who lost her mate several months ago and has been sad ever since~ but usually you can't sex a bird until it's older. But I know Zeke is a boy because he's so vocal. Females aren't.

Right now he's singing away at the top of his lungs, making my son nuts, lol. My husband is going to hate him because he's so loud~ but it's okay because all of our birds spend the day on the back porch in the shade watching the wild birds come up and feed. They love it. And hopefully April will be happy with her new friend.

So it looks like my son and I are going on a little trip for 2 days. Since he's staying home with me this week it's a good time to go visit my Dad over on the other side of the state. It's been since Christmas since we've been over to see them, and I'm feeling up to it right now. My husband will be sad, because he won't be able to go since he'll be working, but now is a good chance for us to go. Zachary will be starting school in a 2 weeks and we won't have a chance again to do this until fall break.

I love going over there. The beach is so different than the east coast of Florida. The beaches are white sugar sand and light blue waters, small waves and shallow for a long way out. I can spend hours collecting sand dollars that have washed up and cool shells that aren't available here. Zach will undoubtably find a friend his age (like he always does) and build some sort of fort out of sand. Maybe we'll play frisbee or football toss. Who knows. But some time away will be good for everybody I think.

I think I'm over my hissy-fit about my mother-in-law. She is what she is, and I've known that deep down for a long time. Now I've come to a place where I've admitted it out loud and am learning to accept it. It's sad because I'll never have the type of relationship that I hoped for with her, but life throws curveballs and hardly anything turns out like you've planned it.

I hope you all are doing okay. I'm a little bit down today but that will pass eventually. All I can say is thank God that my psychiatrist finally put me on a mood stabilizer~ specifically Lamictal. It has helped me so much. I was so proud yesterday because I finally reached my complete dosage. Yaaay! No more tampering with medicines for awhile.


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