Social anxiety is shyness to the extreme.It is classedasSocial anxiety when itprevents you living your life and doing even the basics of what you need to do.
ANXIETY IS TOXIC ENERGY> it damages you mentally and physically, permenantly.
Worst consequences:

  • People think your being rude and ignoring them when reallyyour terrified of socialising even though it's normally the thing you want/ needmost in life.
  • Making friends is ridiculously hard. You either don't have any or only one at a time and even have it around them if they are with another person or in any social situation.
  • you humiliate yourself and other people, just by trying to be there and not knowing what to do but needing to run away.
  • Not many people understand, can see it, have heard of it. Mental health don't take social problems seriously. Others don't understand the type of pain and mental disfigurement can come from it.
  • It's very hard to eat in a social situation, or do anything.
  • the only way you wouldn't be embarrassing yourself and others is if you diddn't exist because the anxiety makes you do strange things like fiddling and hunching up and walking in wrong directionsblocking other peoples talking out as you resist needing to run away for fear of embarrasing yourself and others. which makes you feel trapped which makes it worse.
  • it makes you unable to interpret what others are saying, even if it's one word because of the pressure that you 'have to' and can't run away like you need to.
  • no matter how obvious you try to make it, no one even understands theres a such thing as shyness in adults.
  • youare still the sameas a small child hiding behind their parents leg, clinging on, crying that your made to let go and terrified of what lays ahead.
  • youfear everyoneand they pick up that vibe from you but take it personally. it's only that you fear embarrassment, which is caused by them only because they exist.
  • Everywhere you are you feel trapped by the wall of people, which means embarrassment for you. possibillity of embarrassment. leaving the house can be hard. buying things is hard.
  • eye contact is one of the hardest things to deal with and it's the equivilant of a when a person who is afraid of heights should "not look down". avoiding peoples eyes, even if they're not looking at you has the same effect.
  • wherever you are, you need to not exist and everythign you do is to acheive that. so that you can keep yourself from crying and needing to run away.
  • ifi'm in a situation wherei'm trapped in a social situation or any other trapped situation i will definately get a panick attack. its unavoidable and i can now tell when i'm going to get them. the only way to get rid of it is get out of the situation or have someone aware of whats going onfor you, which is really hard, especially when your in school because teachers just thinkyour a spoiled brat and attention seeker.
  • nobody can see what's going on. people don't get taught about emotional things in school or the work environment.
  • there are no therapies for it yet. It's hard to find books.
  • because you all your thinking about is doing soemthing stupid, you always end up doing something stupid in every situation. i'm not sure why this is.
  • i can't get my brain to switch off when i need it to. i have too much conciousness which attacks me as if it's a seperate person.

thing's that help mein order of effectiveness: you need the first bullet point for all the others to work…

  • Knowing the exit from the situation and giving myself permission in my head to run away if i need to. Rehearsing it in my head helps. When you know you have the choice of leaving and know that you can do it, you can recover.
  • Letting people know whats going on for you, unfortunately this is extreemely hard.
  • Holdingmy breath. (slows my heart rate and can deter panick attacks as long as i have a choice of exit from the situation.
  • Not eating (untill you have got through it) food only fuels anxiety. *
  • Removing caffeine and sugar from my diet and avoiding carbohydrates in anxious situations because they break down into sugar which fuels it. *
  • excercise, anything that slows the heart rate and makes you feel in control. you need to be able to feel like you can move in a situation.*

if you feel faint then these don't apply. my panick attacks never include feeling faint but some other peoples might i don't know.

the concequences of S.A:

.frustration not being able to talk to people, even if you really like them
.panicking from being trapped alone, resulting in a more intense fear of being alone because of no one knowing of your existance.
.uncontrollable fantasies of you in social situations. Because you can't get experience from real life, your head starts having to do it for you. it's like having imaginary friends but you play the whole thing out like a movie in your head. Its annoying when you can't stop them. this is embarrassing when your walking around. they're not all positive, some are disturbing and make you paranoid.
.your unable to shut your mind off and it attacks you and leaves you scarred each time. i found not eating meat got rid of this.
.people read you wrong. when you ask for help they don't take you seriously. they can't see how you feel or feel it from what you say.

i know for a fact i havn't covered even the most uncopable problems but i have to finish it somewhere and if you have this or suspect you have this yourself i really feel for you and i know what it's like.

take care

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    aloneforevernew 9 years ago

    i'm going to have to spend another half hour editing what depression tribes faulty settings have messed up of my blog. Now about 50 words or something are stuck together with no spaces inbetween.

    anyway, another thing to add to the list of concequences is physical problems such as eating and digestive problems, and problems getting out of bed because  your too scared. some people have problems answering the phone and door which i have everywhere but my own house/ phone unless there was social situation already there when i had to do it. also high blood pressure and heart rate and insomnia. no self control because you dont trust yourslef after hvaing to put yourself in so many stressful situations.

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