For what seemed like a long time, there was simply "Gay, Straight, and Bisexual". But now, in this progressive age, there are very specific terms for different types of sexualities, and yet none of them seem to fit me. Some people might classify me as asexual, some might use bisexual, and others might say I'm pansexual. For as long as I can remember, I've just thought of myself as a human that loves humans. Why should appearance or reproductive organs make a difference? Let me elaborate- and I shall start from the beginning.

When I was a child, my parents never had any kind of talk with me such as, "Some kids have a mommy and a daddy, some kids have two mommies, and some kids have two daddies." They never made a big deal about sticking people into categories, or drew any extra attention to it, so when I did see relationships that differed from my parents, I thought it was totally normal. They allowed me to form my own opinions and grow in whatever direction was natural to me. It wasn't until I got older and entered middle school that I saw that some of my peers labeled those different types of relationships as being a bad thing. However, I never went along with them. I stood my ground, stuck with my beliefs and thought that they were wrong to be so cruel.

Now, an explanation as to how the laws of attraction work for me. I am not physically attracted to a person until I learn about who they are, what their personality is like, and they do the same for me. There is not a specific kind of person that when I see them I go "Wow, he's sexy" or "Damn, she's hot." Instead, I'm drawn to people that seem like they would be interesting to talk to. I'm drawn to people that seem like they would be good companions. After I've bonded with someone and become very close with them, THEN when I see them I'll start to think "This person is absolutely beautiful inside and out." Gender plays no role in this for me. I fall in love with a person for their personality. I look for someone thats caring, sweet, funny, intelligent, and firm in what they believe in. That's not to say that I think everyone is ugly until I get to know them. I can tell a girl, "Hey, you look very pretty today," or something to that extent. But I'm not actuallyattractedto them. This makes things such as one-night-stands and "hooking up" impossible for me. I'm not angel and I've tried a couple times years ago, but both times were among the worst experiences of my life and I still wish with all of my heart and soul that I could take that time back.

Have I ever "come out"? No. I think the whole idea of coming out is silly. People that are straight aren't expected to sit down and say "Mom and Dad, just so you know, I'm straight." That's because a person's romantic preference is just a teeny tiny part of who they are and doesn't at all define your personality or lifestyle. You can be straight and be a horrible person or you can be straight and be a very kind, generous person. You can be gay and be a criminal or you can be gay and become the head of a non-profit organization for starving third world countries. So on and so forth, etcetera etcetera. You get the picture. I've never had a talk with my parents about my views on love because it hasn't ever been necessary. They're going to love me no matter what. I've fallen in love with girls on a few occasions after becoming extremely close to them, emotionally and spiritually, but none of them ever turned into serious relationships. They were all during high school, and in our town, it's very difficult to peacefully be involved in a same-sex relationship. If I ever do have a girlfriend, I won't sit my parents down and have some big, elaborate, ridiculous talk with them. I'll just bring her home, introduce her as my girlfriend, and that will be that. The same thing goes for if I were ever to fall for someone of any other kind of sex or gender.

I do encourage people here to ask questions if there is something you don't understand. I would be more than happy to explain what I can to you. This is the first time I've ever talked/posted about my sexuality. On Facebook, in the section where you can pick whether you're gay, straight, bi, etc., I just left it blank because I personally don't consider myself to be a specific kind of sexuality. I'm just me. On here, though, you can only pick gay, straight, or bi so I have selected bi. I just wanted to explain why and hopefully show people here that it's not always just black and white. I love and except everyone, no matter their gender, heritage, social status, or appearance.


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