I cant seem to stop thinking about the ending to the movie "Falling Down".

The part when Michael Douglas' character says "I'm the bad guy?" and continues to state how hes done everything right after being told he was the "bad guy" for what he had done throughout the day.

Reality is though that despite the means to each point he had made, he was in fact right. He stood up for whast was right instead of taking a load of BS to the face like everyone else.

Is that really horrible? to stand up for what is right and for what you believe in?

I finally had another argument with my parents, pretty much stating that I am the "bad guy" and that there is something wrong with my mind and that I cannot perceive things correctly, handle things correctly and that I have a severe anger problem.

Every time I explained my actions, my words and reason for doing what I had done, there was always an excuse from them as to why it was wrong and as usual they failed to even LISTEN to me.

Who wouldn't be frustrated knowing that it really didnt matter how you respond to people or do at all just about anything without being told that it was wrong? Wouldnt it frustrate you if you tried to explain yourself, fully able to rationalize your thought process and decision and yet have it spit on and have it ripped apart and thrown back at you for being faulty when it isnt.

I really dont want much out of life. I really dont. I'm at the point now I'm too sick of it to care about anything anymore. I just want to be left alone and it just seems like I'll never get that. I dont do anything to anyone I do whatever I can to get in and get out so to speak and I try my damndest to limit any and all interactions with people but still. Why cant I just be left alone as is? I dont want to do anything and I dont want anything from anyone. I just want peace and quiet. Is that really hard to ask? Is that too much to ask for?

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  1. lightangel 8 years ago

    Sounds very frustrating, like they dont want to agree with how you see things. So you try to make minimal impact.

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