I’m adding a second part to my previous blog. I’m out of sorts and confused about what I’m feeling so I have to vent. I have an uncle who was very critical of me, my sister, and all my cousins while masking that his own family wasn’t as perfect as they seemed. Well it took 10 years and let’s call it’s a Christmas miracle. He started reading one of my books and openly said he was impressed and proud of me. 10 years of being the “screw up” and he’s proud of me. Meanwhile an aunt I loved and was so close with has shown her true self gradually over the years until I distanced myself. I always thought she’d support my writing when I’m reality she could care less. Then this morning as I’m getting ready for work; I get a message from my godfather. I’ve only met him maybe twice in my whole life and spoke to him on the phone like 10 years ago. He got mixed up in drugs and abandoned his family so he’s never been around. Anyways I get this belated birthday message followed with a long apology attached. Apologizing for being a lousy godfather and never being there my entire life. Going on to say that he was proud of the person I’d become and all my accomplishments. I really don’t know how I feel about that message considering I don’t know him. Like I said we’ve met a minimal amount of times. My mom assumed it was just holiday guilt while my dad was saying not to make anything of it. As in don’t look for conflict because at least he made the attempt. These family dynamics have changed so much especially since it’s become my choice who I’m distant from. The downside is that I ha e to deal with the possible repercussions to follow.

Thanks for letting me vent because I’m sure holidays can be weird for us and for different reasons.


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