Im the kinda person that never really says anything personal with anyone, always putting a front making people think that im happy but its just a front. I feel like shit most of the time and i just need to let it out, all these thoughts in my head and now as i get older all these problem pop outta nowhere. I just have the urge to let people know what's wrong with me but im always scared for some reason and instead of opening up I try to make em feel better or make em laugh.

so this is what is making a big impact in my life right now.
-im 50K in debt with the hospital after being assaulted, the person never got caught so now I have to pay the whole bill.
– i was just recently diagnosed with adullt add, i had never been so excited of being diagnosed with something!!!! and i thought i was going to be able to change my life aroung with the medication and therapy and instead of getting treated for ADD i get diagnosed with Clinical Depression, they put me on wellbutrin and im feeling kinda weird.
-A BIG ONE: I have been battling drug addiction for the last two years and even though people in my family know that i have smoked marijuana, they dont really know the severity of my case; its not just marijuana but pain killers that i have been abusing. It sucks!!!!
-Another big one: For the last three semesters ive been dropping out of college because of my failing grades, every semester i thought i could start fresh and do better but in reality ive been feeling like shit and using drugs and dealing with some personal issues that i havent had a chance to do it. Now its getting to the point where my stepdad(Main Financial Support) is asking me for my transcript and wants to see my grades. Dont know what to do????? Tell my parents that i have wasted 1 1/2 years of their money and time??? 🙁
-im currently failing my chemistry course in college and feel like i wont be able to pass it. should i drop so i wont get a failing grade??? stick with it.???

It kinda sounds like if im complaining or bitching about how much my life sucks and blah blah but its overwhelming all this. and i just needed a moment to vent.



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