So… I woke-up an hour earlier this afternoon (four) than I’ve been getting up, so that’s good. Tonight I really have to get to bed because I must take my mother to the doctor’s tomorrow, so I have to drive my sister to work, drive back, drive her to the doctor’s, drive back, drive to pick-up my sister and drive back again. I’ll be driving approximately five hours. . . I really want to go buy cigarettes . . ., but I haven’t smoked in months. I can’t smoke around home as I have the fear they’ll smell it. My mother was forced to quit smoking due to her health. If anyone knew I smoked, they’d pretty much hang me, also.

Anyway, that aside, I’m slowly becoming afraid of driving. . . Can anyone relate?  It’s embarrassing. . . I’m in a little Kia Rio, and people drive like they are all on cocaine in their SUVs and trucks. It’s worse in the morning when they make you drive ten to fifteen miles over the speed limit, and it’s just nerve racking. I’m not happy at all. . . So if I never post again it’s probably because I’ve been in an accident. Joy!

My knee was infected all week last week (I have no-idea how; maybe the dog scratched it). It even spread down my calf. I couldn’t go to the doctor because, well, money, but I was terribly afraid. I ended up scratching it open a bit and drowning it in peroxide. It helped, so I’m glad about that! But now the other day a poster frame of my sister’s fell down onto my toe and cut me open. =/ It’s always been one bodily injury to the next with me. =D

I better stop now and go clean. I’ve been drinking coffee, but I’ll cut it off after my next cup. . .


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