So, please tell me, and I will also create a forum topic about this, but what is love?

I truly do not understand the full meaning of it and why God has presented this to us since the formation of the Earth. I do not understand the need to have love in your life.

True, I feel that life is not needed with love, but that does not mean I feel we should all be mean to each other and pound each other out as if we are crawling bugs in the walls. I just believe that life would be okay without the want of it.

I understand that people will complain about how unemotional I am and how I will become an old lady with 40 cats and no life. But I, at least, will be an old lady with 40 cats living in a condo in the richest city I can find, with my debts paid [I plan to be loaned money for school, as well as a few others things I'm sure], my retirement plan all well planned, family in good care, my grave dug out, a butler or ten, the mansion on the lake side, a castle near the ocean, as well as a beach house and island of my own.

By focusing my mind on working hard towards my dreams, then I will not be tied to thinking about love, as do many of my friends with no future planned out and worried about what could happen.

I do believe I am destined to become a workaholic, which suprisingly is the opposite of what I am now, however, I want to accomplish my dream with such certainty, that I will put aside anything that is not needed. Including the life of love.

What does it give you, really?

I have had a question in my mind that I have been pondering over and over again. I wish to tell my friends about it and use wise conversing skills, yet I'm afraid of their reaction to what might be said and what I can only disagree with. I am a very controversial loser and try my best to have the last word or win a battle in an argument. I hate to be wrong. [I know, it's a terrible weakness and also too difficult to deal with for the people that know me.]

The question is: Which would you rather take: one million dollars or true love?

My answer: one million dollars.

I am postive I could do more with a million dollars than true love. I shall convince you with this pro and con chart:

One Million Dollars:

Pro: Buy a house; invest; use towards schooling; help move to another country and buy a small apartment; buy your grave; save in account for future use towards whatever; use to pay off bills; help a family member in need; pay for any hospital bills you may acquire; build a business; build a building; give to charity.

Con: Run out of it; not exchangeable in other countries [but since when has that happened?]; not enough to build a business [I doubt that]; not enough to build a building [sounds more reasonable].

True Love:

Pro: Someone by your side; somone to come home to; someome to travel with; someone to hold hands with; someone to start a family with.

Con: Heartbreak when their time comes to move on to the next world; the responsibilities of starting a family and handling all of them; paying for the family to do a number of things [vacation, traveling, eating, clothing, etc.]; patience running out; noise; not as much free will; time is always a problem; loving too much.

I may be over-exaggerating, but I wouldn't know. I don't study it and don't plan to.

I do sound a bit cynical in the last Con, don't I? But, this is just my reasoning.

For lack of time, this is what I have written. I promise to come out with more, because I feel I haven't gotten my point across. I am truly sorry and hope you may have a feel of where I am coming from. Please forgive my shortage of time and be patient enough to wait for a second part.

I appreciate you taking time to read this.


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