I have been letting my sister and her son stay in our home for about two months now, because she is off work and is receiving workman's comp and her landlord was afraid that she would fall further behind on rent, so he evicted her and she had nowhere else to go. I already have my husband, my 15 year old son, my 22 year old daughter and her 18 month old son, myself, two dogs and a cat here and now we have two more mouths to feed and three more dogs. She is an alcoholic too and is always broke because she spends her money on alcohol every other day and don't pay her bills. She keeps getting into relationships with people who drag her down even farther than she already is and i'm supposed to just sit back and deal with the chaos that she brought to my house? If i started at the beginning, i would end up writing a book, so please bare with me. She was married for 10 years, her husband left her for someone else and then she decided that she is gay and wants to be with a woman.She has been in three different relationships with women and they all have ended up causing more problems for her. She has tatoos all over her body and peircings all over the place. She was supposed to be staying here, saving money to get her and her son a place to stay, instead, she buys a case of beer or more a night, when she has money and sits there all alone and drinks until it's gone and no-one is awake to drive her to get more or it's too late to buy more. On the weekends, she goes to a bar and sings kareoke and again, gets drunk.She sleeps until noon every day, then wakes up, drinks coffee, takes a shower and is off again. She gripes and complains about our home being messy, she talks about me behind my back to my youngest daughter and yet doesn't lift a finger around here, to help keep it clean, well, picked up. It gets so cluttered so fast and i am only one person and can't do everything myself. I drive my husband to and from two jobs, my son to and from school and track, football or wrestling meets, watch my 18 month old grandson, so my daughter can work and have to deal with her and her boyfriend's crap too. It's just too much anymore and i want so bad to just move out by myself and get my own place wherenobody knows where it is.


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