i literally just made this out of boredom and finding a website of fears i diddn't know existed.
It's called the phobia list. I got some of these from there.

fear of:

Getting older/ time (Gerascophobia)
Being trapped physically or psycologically
Repetition ofthe same pattern of mistakes in life and it not changing
Being alone (Autophobia)
Being single for the rest of my life
The dark
Passing out/ being unconcious and people abusing you/ medicating you
Pain killers/ not being able to feel pain when you should
Losing all hearing/ eyesight
Death of myself and others, even animals
Your life being controlled by some conspiracy
Arguing/ Shouting
Being ignored (Athazagoraphobia)
People not understanding how i feel or getting it wrong
People not believing you
Imperfection (Atelophobia)
Killing someone
People fancying you who you don't
Being touched unwantedly on purpose
Too many options
Needles (going in you)/ being stabbed or cut
People with bad intentions pretending to be good
Living in rural areas where theres no one else
Sexual abuse
Being tortured (obviously!)
Low places like mines where you can't be found/ seen/ heard
Being generally ill
Fear of animals that make you pass out like snakes
Not being able to get lots of tiny bugs off you/ knowing where they are
Not knowing where a bug is! It could be on you anywhere or waiting
Fear of the heart stopping. you can't tell it to beat to keep you alive.
Fear of Unatural medication and ingested chemicals
Fear of being trapped in too much heat
Dead things (people, animals, bugs and even trees) (Necrophobia)
Eating sharp things
Being naked (even by myself)
Having my own child
Being in places where theres not enough water
Being stared at
Dolls and teddybears because they might be looking at you
Swallowing live things
Bugs going in your ear
Dogs/ anything licking your ear. It's just a no-go place!
The fact that ghosts/ god can see you ALL the time!
People leaving me
Being rich or having something and people hounding you for it
The fact that people are buried. People shouldn't exist when they're dead.
Being buried if i die.
Being buried alive.
People hating me for no reason.
Puppet shows. It's too far from reality and makes me feel insecure.
Being addicted to something bad for me
Decaying matter
Touching the gunk in plugholes!
Being evaluated negatively, or even at allin social situations
Being lost in a non-public place
everything i do being followed by someone
Anthing that lives in water when i'm in it, if i can't see it
People you don't want, having sexual thoughts about you
People not knowing i exist at any moment intime

there will be more..


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