I have found many people, especially people with feeling disorders really don't understand any of their feelings or emotions. I don't judge, I have been guilty of this myself for a long time. We call feelings and emotions buy its superficial name instead of getting to the root. Its extreamly therapeutic to know your feelings. Panic is an attack brought on by the thought of beingTRAPPED while you are already in an anxious state. Some people beleive that they are in a panic state for hours but thatis really just anxiety.The anxiety is triggered by some stimuli, your mind quickly sayssomething is wrong so it turns on the engine. At this time you are not panicing. You go through multiple thought until you decidethere is no way out, then you panic. this last less than 2 minutes. Then the anxious state continues till all the adrenalin that has been released in your bodyhas been reabsorbed by your kidneys.This is why I tell people to be conscious of the secondthought. I know the firstanxious thought is hard to control but the secound thought is all you. You decide if you are going to have an attack or not deppending on what you tell yourself. Next lets do anger. Anxiety and anger are alot alike. You can completely be rid of anxiety for a period of time when you are ferious. Anger is a strong emotion, it should never be caped but you should have good control over it. Depression is chronic sadness. It comes along with anxiety and other negative feelings. When you are unable you get those feelings out you will turn them inward and thats when it becomes depression. Feeling sad is also a pretty strong emotion, have you noticed that when you are anxious and panicy for an extended period of time you break into a depressive state and cry, as the tears flow your anxiety turns into a heavy but bearable, helpless feeling. Happyness is hard to see for depressed people. They will have moments of happyness but they dismiss them because they are use to feeling negative and these new feelings of possitvity are too foreign to these people. You need to grab onto those feelings. They are important. Content…..The feeling you have after great oral sex and a cigarette? lol No no… content is the feeling you have during good meditation. Its what happends internally when the mind and body are relaxed as one. Actually that really sounds like after oral sex and a smoke…LMAO. But seriously. Content is a great feeling, this is where the real work gets done. when the mind is content it allows logical thought to be processed. This is how you rationalize your fears and prepare to get over them. I know there is so many but these are the important ones for now. When you feel a feeling, try your hardest to name it. Know what it is and what to call it. find ways to chanel all of your feelings into possitvity. Anger is a great way to get some work done or exersize. Depression is a great way to be artistic in any form. write a sad song, write a poem, draw a dark picture of your iner feelings. Happyness is a wonderful feeling to share with others, it creates and strenghtens bonds with people you are in contact with. Feel your emotions, know them. Put them to good use and you will always be possitive no matter what you feel. As you become more possitive, negativeanxiety will not sneak up on you anymore. That lost, trapped, negative feeling will go away and you will be able to get on with your life. As home work, try to envoke feelings in your self. It will amaze you how much control you have over these things. Think about a time you where really angry and your body will react with a elivated heart beat, shortened breath…ect. Make yourself sad buy watching a sad movie, this is actually a form of hypnosis, I will explain this futher in another blog. I find thinking about someone I hurt in the past while writing them an apology is extreamly helpful. as you apologize, you see your faults and want to change them. It also works with forgiveness. Write to someone who has hurt you, try to understand them and why they did what they did. Forgive that person because hatred in a million tons of negativity. It will make you feel soooo much better. try it out! What do you need to hate that person for anyway? Hate doesn't keep them on an island, it doesn't punish them in anyway, it wont make their head explode… So let in go…Its hurting you and you ONLY! Feel anything people. All feelings should be welcomed within you then let them pass through you. Don't hold on to negativity! Feel better. Happy new year :")

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