Dealing with my anxiety often has me feeling extremely overwhelmed in an instant, for me I am terrified of abandonment and struggle with feeling validated and craving reassurance. I have been obsessing over things more than usual lately and I definitely need to schedule an appointment for therapy. I want to know why I do this to myself, why I put myself down and have such a negative outlook on things. I feel like my own worst enemy second guessing and standing in the way of my own happiness. I am thankful my relationship is still standing granted we have many other issues to deal with, I don’t feel like I will ever be good enough for him. My ultimate goal is to get myself the proper help in order to have a happier life but I’m constantly making excuses and procrastinating. I think a part of me is just scared to discover what else is possibly wrong with my mental health. Aside from the obvious anxiety, I have horrible depression that has been increasing more each month passes. Some days are better than others and some days I fight myself trying my hardest to distract myself from whatever pain I am facing. I found this site after having my privacy invaded by my ex-husband and his mother over at psych central…I felt extremely violated but still managed to have the strength to look elsewhere for help. I found this site and I really enjoy it. I wish there was an app for it tho. I recently started a new job and started going to school online, so I have been trying to keep myself busy and it hasn’t helped as much as I would like. I am not getting scheduled enough work and I am now looking for a closer job that has less commute. I digress I feel I am beginning to ramble. I hope to meet more of you all I look forward to it.

  1. bellybutton 6 years ago

    It is very easy to feel overwelmed .i find my day overwelmed me.i try to take one thing get it done and not look at the list that I think I have to do..sounds like you have a lot on the go right now I can see why you feel overwelmed.omg I keep useing the word overwelmed too much in this conversation ,sorry.

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    • Author
      luvvi 6 years ago

      I appreciate feedback, thank you for responding. I feel like I just wish I knew people who understood what I am going through.

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