I cannot help who I am, all I can do is just try and bwe the best me I can. I get frustrated when people think you are something you are not. They cannot understand that who you are is who you are. They think you are trying not to be yourself, but they think you are just a person wereing a mask. All I can do is try and be the best I can day to day. It really makes me sad and frustrated when they tell you that you are being disingenuous of stomthing like that. They think you are a fake. And trying to tell them that you are just being yourself is just like ramming your head, continuously, into a cinder block wall over and over and over again and again. They think they know you, but in reality they know nothing about you at all. They think just cause they might hear your voice and everything like that they know everything about you and they can just be as rude or abnoxious as they feel like. I have met more than a few people like that that think they know it all, but they don't know anything about me. They think they can just tear a person down for their own pleasure and that they are superior to you just cause they are a bit daster on the draw with their combacks and everythign like that. They are, in my opinion, stress givers cause they do not understand or cannot handle someone being themselves. I do not know this for a fact not am I any kind of expert. I just cannot handle people that think they know everything about me from just what I say. I cannot help it that I am the way I am, but I do not apologize for it either. I am who I am from my years of growing up and that is all I can say. I cannot and will not aplogize for who I am. If they cannot exept who I am then that is their problem and not mine.

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  1. Raad 9 years ago

      I totaly understand u not bcz im expert or something but i cant stand those ppl ! i HATE those ppl who thinks that they know everything yet they dont ! But this s life to many shit going around .. Hope what im about to write help you in a way or other : 
    We all know what spam is , the unwanted and intrusive email that comes from someone trying to sell u somethin. Your computer's filters are set up to identify and then remove spam into a quarantined folder to keep you and your computer safe from it. You have the power to do the same thing in your mind when you receicve useless or opportunistic communication from someone. You can do this on almost subconscious level if you work at it.When u receive spam, in a sense, throught negative commetary. File it in your mental spam folder, and delete it.

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