July 18, 2009
Hands on knees to keep from shaking.
Hard to concentrate while my heart is breaking.
I am so grateful he is in my life.
At this point, writing seems my only vice.
Cannot speak to outsiders for both our fears
That others won't understand the words that meet their ears
Wisdom from my lips- Ha I should be so bold
For giving him advice is bad or so I'm told.
I am trying to get my feet planted firmly on the ground
Neither mind or body sound.
I must be strong and be his armored knight
For my Bird is too weak to fight
Here I am and here I'll stay
So, I am asking you, Lord, please help us through this day
July 14, 2009
The madness thats inside of you has taken over me.
I keep reopening my eyes, trying to find the sanity.

I feel it is lost within the deepest pits of our souls-
in a place where we mentally have no control.
I am trying to find a way out of this dark, yet familiar, cave.
I continually find myself trapped by these threatening waves.
And you run behind me- just following my lead
Wanting out of this darkness. wanting to be freed.
But, ohhh, High tide, High tide
Where can we hide?
I wish I could put a stop to the waters that are destroying the beautiful smile once found on your face.
My only hope is that tomorrow we will find comfort from a much brighter place.

July 11, 2009

I will not wast another minute of the day

Wither or be wasted away
Without you realizing
Your smile is absolutely tantalizing.
for you my dear…. a reminder that your beautiful smile is the sexiest thing i've ever seen
  1. nwcrtion23 13 years ago


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  2. ancientgeekcrone 13 years ago

     believe as long as you keep writing about your demons, you will be ok, Demons do not do well when they are exposed, named described seen clearly.  This process also tend to diminish the negative energy associated with them

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