I'm tired of the emotional roller coaster I'm constantly riding. Everything was going well, and then everything just hit at once… Not okay.

Well, I got accepted into the community college! I'm excited 'bout that, but I'm not excited about the fact that I simply CANNOT afford it. My parents offered to pay for the books but that's even iffy and they can't cover tuition. I was hoping on taking a few classes but now I'll be lucky if I can get two; one class isn't even looking good right now.

Secondly, I've got Pancake to worry about. I'm not a cat person; I hate cats; cats make me very angry 'cause they refuse to listen to anyone. Hence, I don't like the cat nor how expensive it is. She needs her last round of shots, she just ran out of liter (and I just gave The Wife money to go get it since she can't cash her check until tomorrow), her food's running low… I can't keep buying her stuff when I have rent and college to worry about. The Wife won't let me get rid of her either.

Which leads me to…

#3. My roommate. I love her with all my heart. We knew when we signed up for an apartment together we wouldn't have it easy: More like I'm not having it easy. Her hours are going down which means she's barely able to make rent each month. She's not able to afford the internet bill, nor the cat, and her parents are paying for her college. I guess I'm getting really angry that I'M the one who's struggling when she's got it a lot easier. I know it's not her fault and that my tips do come in handy, but I've got so many other things to worry about. 

I'm also kinda angry that I hate the cat and I've been paying for her things. I seriously want to give her away to my friend (who knows everything about cats and I trust her completely taking Pancake away), but the Wife won't let me. I know it's a horrible thing to think, but: I feel since I'M paying for the cat AND the extra rent money AND everything else, I should at least have SOME extra say around here. 

…. I hate that I'm starting to think so selfishly. What's wrong with me?

~Uniquely Sara


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