I have suffered depression and various eating disorders since i was 14.I was sexually abused by a peadophile and groomed into his way of thinking.

its been a tough 9 years,Though i no longer make myself sick,or starve myself,and the simple every day things that really get to me.

my house is a mess,i know its a mess,im ashamed to let family and friends over for a visit,but i have no motivation to do anything about it.id rather just sit here and overthink things,even though i know if i were to tell anyone they would see it as a silly excuse.I have one pair of jeans that i feel comfortable in.when i go shopping i get to edgy and often end up in tears when i cant get a pair to fit in my size.i dont feel normal.even though i am now a healthy weight for my height according to my BMI.

work is another issue.since i started working at the age of 16(couldnt face last year of school and quit my musical theatre course)I have been ok with whatever job i am in for a while,then i start to feel out of place,unsociable,incompetent,and very worried at the thought of going in every day soon making up excuses for myself until i move on to another job.

Now even close friends that know me,if we make plans to do something,i see the date approaching and feel a huge amount of pressure.even if its something i really want to do ill look for ways out.

I feel really detatched.i have good days and bad days.Sometimes i turn to drinking to calm me down.sometimes i smoke weed.i know its wrong.

I have been to councelling,i have been on and off medication(when i go to the gp on a mission to do something about it,which i do every few months or so this is what they offer)but i always end up back on square one.i have joined this site as im now getting a bit depserate,i want to get rid of this cloud hanging over me.

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  1. Mudhen 14 years ago

    I”m so sorry for the abuse you faced and the affect it has had on your life.  I can understand you try to numb the pain by drinking and other substances–I think a lot of people have done that.  I would recommend going to a therapist again–it is a slow process but a very necessary one.  I”ll say a special prayer for you at mass today–right after communion.  Peace be with you  🙂

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