Here i sit with one cat going crazy, while the other two are smart and are asleep.

    It’s 6:00  ,Iv’e been up since 5:00, which is a good thing ,because i’ve been getting up at 2:00 for over 2 weeks. I was going crazy there. I got some sleeping pills from my pdom on thur.  Took a couple ,they work wonders.

 I was rpid cycling for over two weeks, now I’m totally depressed. I walk around like I’ma zombie.

  I caan’t seem to get anything done. I just look at it and say to myself that has to be worked on.

  like yesterday, it took me an hour to figure out why my hedge trimmer wouldn’t work. It was the outside outlet. It kept shorting out everytime i plugged in my cord. Now i have the cord to my deepfreeze plugged inside the house. I don’t want to loose a full deepfreeze full of food.

I’m really sore but i got it done , it should have taken me less than an hour , but it took me two hours to do it.

  We must be heading into Indian Summer, everything is turning to the fall colors,. Its beautiful. Time to get ready to bring out the cleaning tools.

   Mom came home on Sat. spent a couple of hours with her. called her on Sunday, But didn’t talk to her yesterday. Maybe I will today.

  I think I will get my Uncle to take me across to get some cealing paint.Maybe that will help get me out of this slump. I really want to get the wall paint up. It is such a beautiful color.

  It;s been 2 weeks since i ate regular food, just eating fruit and the occasional toast. I think iI have lost some weight.

  My ulcer doesn’t seem to be acting up, maybe my pills have started to work. I don’t have this knawing pain anymore.

  Have to get some paint for my ornaments for my nieces and nephews and my son. I gie them every year, so when they leave home they have a starter set of their own.

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  1. zarinna 13 years ago

    things are a little off kilter right now,. I hope i will be able to respond to your posts

      With thiis depression all i do is look at the postings and it takes me a while to respond, i have to write down a responce first.

      Like andy”s posting i”m going to have to think about that one and probably won”t respond till around noon.

       it”s the strange beast in me.

      It”s so much fun to have you back.

       the other thing i forgot to tell you about lena”s friends in the closet was to get one of those stick on lights they have come out with. I use them when i go away so there is light in the  house other than the timed one.    carol.

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