Just for today…Allow yourself to

…trust your higher energies that have created this divine blueprint perfectly before you were born

…unfold that perfection in your every day

…stop ego directing and ego constructing the already perfect aspects of your life, be free of self limiting beliefs

…take your abilities, talents and divine gifts to the ultimate level of service move forward from saying ‘I wish’ to saying ‘I can’

…live NOW and not in or for tomorrow

…be neutral when you cannot be LOVE

…receive learning, direction, wisdom from all, without judging the source

…give all the freedom to be who they are, even if you disagree

…live without malice and envy

…appreciate each one’s right to express their needs without fear of retribution

…understand that every one deeply desires to feel safe and nurtured

…recognize that only when you respect and acknowledge others, will u be respected and acknowledged

…learn that LIFE is a two way street, and all words and actions MUST return

…believe that no one is born evil or bad, but are warped by acute inner pain

…be open to learning; that way you will learn more than you expected to learn

…laugh; high spirits result In new heights reached by spirit

…control only one thing……… your reactivity

…say NO when you wish to, but to do it gently

…rule over self, and serve all ‘selves’

…speak the truth without causing hurt and pain

…enjoy being YOU at every moment… even the not-so-nice ones

…feel so FULL-FILLED that the universe has to keep heaping you with abundance in order to keep up

Enjoy NA hugs, JJ


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