So I guess to understand this blog you will have to read my previous blog.

So later today after the whole episode with the shrink I took my girlfriend out for ice cream and really tried to fake being happy as much as possible. Well, it worked. Worked damn well. I even became actual-happy for a few hours and offered to take her out on the town.

So, we went to this kind of olde tymey kind of pub-ishbar and she told me she wanted to put her coat on the rack. So while she was doing that I went to go buy us a couple of drinks, right? While I was waiting our drinks I looked over to the coat rack where some jerk was grabbing her arm…It was quite obvious she wasn't enjoying his advances. My anger really hit me hard (probably since I was raped at a young age) I charged at him and pinned him up against a wall. I yelled to him "She's saying 'no'! STOP!" He said something that I don't remember. Right at the moment I was about to let him go, I realized I was damn lucky I had my girlfriend and really loved her more than I had shown her. So there I was, staring at him blankly. He threw me back against a wall where I hit my head and things got really blurry. He ran out with no punishment besides maybe wetting himself.

After that whole mess I woke up in the passenger seat of my car, going down the highway, which, at first alarmed me but when I saw the driver I calmed down a bit. The first words out of my mouth for some reason was "What about our drinks?" She told me the guy there would give us free drinks for a couple days for getting that nerd out of his bar. Still a little bit woozy. But hey, she told me she loved me, and that's worth everything, I suppose.



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