So, i was told by someone on this websitethat this long distance relationship won't work but i'm willing to try because i love this guy.

Anyway, my boyfriend Elijah came out to my parents house in the holidays for a week (he's 18 and i'm 17) my parents don't let us sleep in the same bed because they think it's not respectful to them or my two younger sisters. I'm close with my two younger sisters and they've said it wouldn't bother them. I'm not bothered that we're not allowed to sleep in the same bed. But, my mum put me on birth control for the reason that i'm sexually active, however, avoids any possibility that i would be able to sleep in the same bed with Elijah e.g. races where i would stay at the track with him in my swag and go to his place and stay with him and his family. I take seroquel 25mg to help me sleep and stabalise my mood and they really knock me out when i take them. I hadn't taken them for a couple of nights but i took them one night when i'd been arguing with Elijah when he came out and i was going to go to bed early. So i went in to say goodnight to him and we were laying on the bed cuddling and i was crying because he was leaving the next morning and i didn't want him to go. I ended up falling asleep in his arms and woke up that morning under the sheets and doona and all… I don't remember falling asleep or getting under the blankets and i never asked if he put me in the bed or not because i wasn't angry that i slept with him i just knew it wasn't meant to happen. Mum and dad found out because my sister slipped it out because sshe thought they already knew so i was in so much trouble because of it and mums words were "your always pushing the boundaries". They didn't believe me that it was an accident and they weren't willing to take my word for it because i'd done it previously on purpose with my ex boyfriend when he stayed.

My parents will never let me stay at my boyfriends house they say because they don't want us sleeping together in the same bed and they say because they haven't met his family and don't feel comfortable with sending me off to his place without knowing his family. My problem is i don't understand why they would bother spending the money to keep me safe from falling pregnant when they hold me back from being able to have sex. It's not like i'm sleeping with anyone and everyone, it's my boyfriend and we love each other. And i also don't understand how my parents let my older brother when he was in year 11, stay at the races with his ex girlfriend (when they were together) in his swag. Yet i'm half way through year 12 and have still never been able to stay at the races overnight. They also let my brother stay at his girlfriends house all the time and mum says it was because "they'd met her parents". and my brother's ex girlfriend always snuck into his room and had sex at home and stuff, he told me and i could hear them in the middle of the night because the bed would bang on the wall. I'm angry that my brother was allowed to do so much more then me and my brother and ex girlfriend weren't even long distance. They saw each other nearly every weekend.

Does anybody have any advice for me because mum and i have never had a good relationship and i don't know what else to do because i've tried to even with her, i used to open up to her and all she ever would do is hold it against me. I don't know what to do, i only have a term to go of school but i want to go to my boyfriends house these holidays but i don't know what to do or say to my parents because, they dont trust me, and just won't let me. I'm so over it, them and there stupid rules.


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