I’ve been getting blamed a lot lately from my parents… I’ve also been getting yelled at and it’s hurting me a lot… I don’t know what to do anymore… I really wish I was dead rn.. I was trying to do school work and my dad got home and was asking me questions as I tried listening to something and I asked him to stop asking me questions and he full on yelled at me saying I don’t know who you think you are… I yelled back I think I’m your daughter… And I feel bad cause my boyfriend has to see me fall apart over and over again because of my family… I really just want to talk to someone because I hate living like this… It really hurts…

  1. deadsoulx2 2 years ago

    heyy, something really similar has been happening with me too. study pressure then getting scolded by parents for really meaningless reasons!

    i am here to relate! you can always text me !

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