It is raining today, and for that I am grateful. So… I came out as bisexual to my husband and one of my best friends. My husband was happy for me, but we didn’t really talk about it too much. I chatted with a bisexual friend on the phone and we had a good talk about who to come out to and when. And just generally catching up, she and I hadn’t spoken for years. It’s interesting, I technically don’t need to come out as a bisexual to my family (that would go over like a lead balloon), because I am married to a man and the point is moot. If I were single things would be different. I am grateful for my husband and his support of me, in every way. There’s good news on the orange cone front- the long line of cones on the median after the 880 north on ramp has finally been removed! I emailed the director of Engineering and Transportation about it. I didn’t get a response, but the work has been done. The random single cones are still out there everywhere, and every day a new construction project begins so there are cones all over the place still. In case you didn’t know, I have psychosis around orange traffic cones. The tall skinny orange barriers don’t bother me, its the short, fat ones that I see all over the place. And I also emailed EBRPD about the extraneous barriers and cones in front of Sibley, and I think those got removed too! But I’m not 100% sure on that one.

I am grateful to have a roof over my head during all this rain. We saw tent cities on our drive this morning, and it was so very sad. I prayed for them. Wow, as an aside, my green tea is so hot it nearly burned my tongue. I’m 50 pounds overweight, so I am drinking three cups of green tea a day to help with weight loss. I am grateful for the green tea. It’s delicious, and its also decaffeinated. I can’t have too much caffeine. I bought the Trader Joe’s decaf Irish Breakfast tea, and found that it tastes nothing like regular Irish Breakfast, in fact it tastes like nothing at all.

So aside from using oracle cards and crystals, I haven’t been very witchy lately. Right now we are in the waxing gibbous phase of the moon. The last quarter moon will be in four days. I just downloaded a lunar phases widget to my desktop. Every witch should have one, whether it be on her phone or desktop. I absolutely love the interface, it’s very pretty. And it tells you what astrological sign the moon is in. It’s currently in Taurus. I’ve always wondered how Joni Mitchell knew her daughter was born with the moon in Cancer. I mean, there was no internet back then. Just something to think about. I made moon water last night. It wasn’t a clear night, but the energy of the moon was still there. I use my moon water to take my herbs and supplements. The rain is so relaxing, I think I might take a nap. I am grateful for my green tea, it’s such a pleasure to drink. Although after the third each day, I do get a bit tired of it. Ok, nap time, Blessed Be and Amen.




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