I just turned on my cell phone after having it off all last night. I had a few txt messages, and a 2 new voicemail messages. As I’m on a pre paid phone, I don’t have any credit at this time, so I used the home phone to check to see what they were. One was from the user Destroyed and the other was from the user Harassment. It’s the one from Harass that I want to talk about.


I think it was about a month ago that Harass decided to make a “Black Book”. We would give our details to harass, basic stuff like home phone numbers, cell phone numbers and Address. This was to be used in “case of emergency” type situations. What a fabulous idea.  After a few close calls in the chat room, I defiantly could see that doing this is a good idea. So I was one of the ones that gove harass my details.


So I has a message from her, asking what I was doing? And she wanted to hear from me or she was going to call an ambulance. Firstly I would like to say thanks to Harass for calling me. It was very nice of you, and I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you. Now to the person who contacted Harassment, bothered her with my nonsense, made her spend money to call me… I wish you had told me what you were going to do. You made me feel like a fool. I feel very guilty about Harass calling me. I’m guessing it was someone from the chat room. I distinctly remember telling the room that I was going to be FINE and that I wasn’t doing to die. Yet you choose not to listen to me. Story of my fking  life.


I’m sure that you were just making sure that I was going to be “ok” but I TOLD you I was going to be fine. Now poor Harass was bothered with calling me, spending HER money to call me. I have never been so angry and humiliated and guilty since I joined Dtribe. Whoever this person was, I hope you’re happy. I have lost my trust in the chat room and the people that were there at the time.


Maybe I’m just over- reacting, which could well be the case. But to be quite honest I don’t care. I know I’m never going to the chat room in a crisis again. I’ll go back to the forums where I found lovely people. Anyway a lot of people are leaving the chat room, so I guess I’ll be the next regular that will leave.


I’m disappointed in myself now. Maybe I should have done a better job. That’s the thing I KNEW I WASN’T GOING TO DIE! THAT WASN’T MY PLAN… I just wanted to sleep. Now I really just want to hide and never go back.  Maybe I will have to get in touch with Harass and ask her to remove my details. See this happening, was what a lot of people were concerned about. False alarms and ambulances being called when it wasn’t necessary.


Ok so now I’m calmed down. I just had to get that out of my system. I was so desperate to get it out, I actually wrote this blog on a word document, as my sister is using the phone line.


On good news, I took more headache pills, and now my headache has almost gone! YAY!!



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