Its now been 18 days since Gwen was attacked by the pit bull in our trailer park , she is doing much better . She got her staples removed this past Thuresday the 5th of November which just happended to be the 2 year anniversary in which I adopted her . The vet hospital put her in another E- collar that she suposed to wear for a whole week but the E- collar lasted until Saturday evening & then I took it off because it was driving her crazy , she couldn't not eat or drink in that damn thing , getting the E- collar off was quite a challenge , after everything Gwen has been through she has been quite irritable towards me & my husband , she hasn't wanted anyone to really touch her , which I can't really blame her for that . Once I was able to leash her , I finally was able to cut the string to the E- collar , the collar was then very lose , after that I just left her alone because she was extremely ticked off at me & did not want to have anything to do with me for the rest of the day . By the time the evening rolled around , I was able to pull the E- collar off with the help of my moms pick up stick , after that she seemed to be in a better mood , Saturday night she slept in bed with hubby & I for the first time in 17 days , which is something she hasn't been able to do since she was attacked October 23rd . Yesterday Sunday she was in a much better mood , she allowed me to leash her which is something she hasn't allowed me to do in quite a while , she ate a whole bowel of dry food mixed with some cottage cheese , she is slowly getting back to her normal behavors . Today hubby & I went to the court house & filed a small claim against the owner of the pit bull whom attacked Gwen , we also filled out the Supbonana form with the name of the animal control officer who was on duty the night Gwen was attacked & can testify to Gwen's injures , The owner of the pit bull , admitted to the officer that his dog was not on leash , that right there is enough . We were given a court date of Dec 4th at 9:40am ..


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