Amongst all the people who are jelous or can't be bothered with you, theres people who arn't just in it for themselves and theres people who like you. even the ones who don't think they like you sometimes realise they do.

If your honest to yourself then trust yourself. you know your right because your yourself so be true to yourself, don't let them think they know you.  Be on your own damn side you idiot, because unfortunately that's the side your born on! You usually treat yourself worse than you would to anyone else in any situatiuon, why would you do that? Why would you attack at yourself when others in the world can already do it for you? It would make sense to stop saying those horrible things to yourself and say supportive things instead, in every situation. I'm not telling you off by the way. It's just if you change these simple things i makes so much a difference.

Your an invincible shark letting little fish eat at you because you care so much about them. STOP CARING ABOUT THESE STUPID THINGS YOU FEEL SO HIGHLY ABOUT!

Life doesn't happen to you, you happen to life. If you know your journey your halfway there, take your focus off all the things i'v listed once you've fixed them and make a step at a time. You need a balance between planning and doing. I plan too much and don't do anything because of anxieties. If your like me, have a break from planning and start those things you most want to do. Don't underestimate your acheivements. We tend to do this.

Be more outward, not inward. look outside of you, not towords yourself. If you look towords yourself you feel humiliation. If you look outward, through your own eyes you don't have to feel for yourself. When people want to make you feel bad they say or do something that makes you look toward yourself and think "whats wrong with me?" Unless youve done something wrong you'll find an empty space. Unfortunately you might find you don't stop at that empty space and keep looking which is pointless and very damaging. You might even go back to things youve done wrong before. People have no right to treat you like that unless in exreme situations, such as puposely treating someone wrong and knowing it. Unfortunately people use this nasty tactic constantly for no good reason which works easier, the more you care. It's so subtle that they can do it without even speaking. Deliberately ignoring you makes you feel you need to find whats wrong with you or what your doing "wrong" but really it just makes them better at life.

so stop tailoring yourself around them.



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    ancientgeekcrone 11 years ago

    I think you need to learn how to be compassionate. Start by being compassionate with yourself, they you will be able to answer others compassionately and soon all the true selves will be revealed.

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