Lately things in my life have been kinda stressful , the weather has been kinda crazy so that defintately has had an affect on my moods . Hubby's moods have been up & down , about a month ago hubby & I got N huge arguement , he disrespected my mom , words were exchanged , it got pretty intense , it got so intense that I came close to almost leaving the relationship simply because he was emotionally abusive towards me . Now since I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder in January & put on 10 Mg of Lexapro , which has helped quit a bit , I have been doing much better .. I have tried explainging my anxiety to hubby & he doesn't get it , my anxiety is mostly due to emotional stress , of course most of my anxiety started when I gave up my son for adoption , then it snow balled after that because my lost my grandmother 3 weeks before my I gave up my son . From there as hubby's Bipolar got worse & would be manic which was before he was on medication my anxiety would spike . Then when his grandmother passed away that when my anxiety really got bad . Then once I started loosing my weight , my anxiety got even worse , then after Gwen's attacks my anxiety really kicked , simply because as a momma there was nothing I could do to ease her pain & of course its not like she could talk to me & tell me where she hurt . To say the least from Sept all the way through until January I was miserable , not sleeping very much , not feeling very good , just feeling very un balanced . Then once I went to my family doctor & told her what was going on , told her about my anxiety , racing heart , head aches , insomnia , feeling so stressed out , I feel like my brain is going to explode , she knew exzactly what was going on . General anxiety disorder .. Aparently I have had this my whole life & never knew it , I am being treated for migraines with 100 mg of topamax that I take every night , evenidently my anxiety along with my ADD & my migraines all tied together .Now has been on medication for over a year & I have told him that his body has been on that same dosage for a long time , so that he might need to discuss with his doctor about upping his dosage on his Latuda . The one thing I can say about hubby he does take his medication without any problems .. However the medication doesn't help his smart ass mouth , it doesn't help him be more considerate of me & my anxieity .. My husband isn't exzactly open about his feelings & I am ..


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