I was pretty depressed the past few years because I didn't know what to do with my life. There were many things I wanted to learn but since they were all in different majors, I thought I wouldn't be able to do them solely because of my after-college career choices.

Now I am thinking about taking liberal studies.

Thinking about studying psychology, philosophy, business, alittle of computer literacy (To be able to start my own blog and hopefully make money from it), and maybe sociology.

I am thinking about starting my own blog as soon as I learn to do so, and if that doesn't work out then maybe venture into business.

All the others are stuffs I would like to learn, not because they are a requirement for some job out there but because I think it will get me to think better critically and probably improve myself as a person.

An important lesson is that it's not all about a certain career. It's not about a job that will get you loads of money, if you are passionate about something and you have the ability in it. Then it will get you far in life generally.

The important thing is to learn to think for yourself, not because some teacher at some school, or some textbook said so.

Obviously these aren't taught in schools. When I used to goto public schools, I really didn't think much about the stuffs I learned… I thought it was just something that was needed for me to get further into education and etc… or for an advantage later in life.

Needless to say I wasn't very motivated and I think my personality in itself doesn't allow me to be very productive in structural environments. I slept in most classes and later on became so fed up with school that I ditched for almost half a year.

Now that I go to a options for youth charter school which doesn't have any teacher besides you to ask questions to. I am surprisingly doing a whole lot better.

It's weird but I think this experience made me see things to a much more higher degree.

One thing that you guys need to keep in mind is that, it's not one's ability or knowledge that gets you far in life perse… but your charm and allure plays a big part in it.

It's not the goodlookingness I am talking about, it's just the way you seem, your aura.

There was a study in some school, 5 year olds from kindergarten were asked to choose from photos of CEOs which they think would make more money or have success.

The students voted and not surprisingly most of them got it right.

It's mysterious isn't it?

Another study that was done had people in a room that had a card on their forehead. The cards had descriptive words like Liar, Famous, Rich on it and they were told to treat the person like what it was written on the cards.

Needless to say, even though they didn't know what was written on their foreheads most people got the clue of what was written on the head.

What this says is that your aura makes a big impact on how people treat you, because your aura basically gives you a hint on how people should "Label" you. And they act accordingly

The study shown in some research group says that the fact is undisputable. "Charm and allure" is what really brings you success.

Now to some people out there with social phobia… I know it can be a bit discouraging. As I have it myself but use this knowledge to better yourself.

It's better to know now and come to terms with this fact then later.

One thing that I've thought about today with incredible passion is that you can only learn or go through that "process" if you think about something.

Since people can only think one process at a time, plus the fact that today's society with all the the superficial bullcrap takes away from the time that one can truly think… the fact of the matter is… it's no wonder the common man is a fool.

I like to use this analogy alot but just like the Newton's first law of motion: Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.

You can't really think about something until it is "ignited" by a force of some kind.

Be it outside force or inside. What I am trying to say is that, it's really hard to come upon a particular "thought" if the surroundings are far from it…

Thus if you don't get close or don't find anything that initiates a certain thought and maybe a new enlightenment, you'll never ever find it out.

This is why stuffs like experience or reading is so important.

Try to get out of your normal cycle, or your favorite types of whatever. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you learn or what you feel.

Anyway I hope my way of explaining things has been understandable for you guys, and hope you guys find some uses for these information ;).

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  1. apehangmom 12 years ago

    yeah but most blogs are like this one apache run… I think that they come with a template and its kinda self explain…..  what is your blog about.. you could have all kinds of markets… food…. books…. politics ..

    Being that your young you could do a blog on the night life in your city .. go to go daddy.com and get the town name .. and set it up from there… you dont need extensive education to know what bars or bands are good in your town … or know who sells a good drink….its a thought.. but the better it is … fashion your idea on this web site… its got the bottom web page with 5 links to differnt pages… then you have the shout box… You dont need the personal web pages… and have sections where you can discuss food…. and bands. there.. the more popular you get the more people will want to advertise on your blog… that is where your getting your revenue … have you looked at all the web pages to get an idea .. but some places like AOL and yahoo give you free space to blog…. but this is not by any means impossible .

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