When I was 17 I left home, I became a live in nanny for a filmmaker. His wife was Thai, their 2 yr old girl had problems caused by enviroment. She couldnt walk because she was carried,couldn't eat food with texture, herteeth had never had solidfood. She was a mess and herPhysical Therapists and suggestedif they were going to use a nanny to get one who would normalize her.

Her father I will call E.C. was very different from anyone I had ever met. He wasvery liberal,was a director(which at the time I was learning about filmmaking and thought everything he said was such an insight!He was always talking and always spouting his beliefs. He usually made someinterestingpoints and would always seek me outto engage me intoconversation on current news.

I hadread in the Bible aboutthrowing your pearls to pigs but never really understood. E.C. hada facinating way about him, He was a small, short guy, dressed in expensive clothes that were usually 2 sizes to big, (but they were expensive.. go figure)

I worked with his daughter very hard and she progressed everyday, she was so beautiful and perfect, but her father started following me around just talking about his political beliefs and I would politely listen and tell him its not professional of me to give my opinion on anything. Then he started making comments about his marrige, inlaws, father and so on. Then he started telling me about the death of his mother.I never really said anything back. Once he opened up that can of worms he never shut up about it. A Continual victim and no one has ever had anything as sad as him. He compared himself to people who lost family on the news saying "well thats bad but as you know I went through a hell of a lot more!" So proud of his victimization of himself.

I felt so sorry for him and that what he wanted, he started manipulating me and pestering me. He would skate his socks on the wood floor, this sound would make me cringe. He started having me work overtime and not get paid because I told how I was interested in filmamking and writing he basically made it sound like 'well if your really are interested then you got to pay your dues and one day when I (he) is ready to make another film you (me) can help and learn.

The anxiety started with the sound of his socks skating. It ment he was seeking me out to bitch to me about his wife who ended up leaving all of us for 3 months where I became very attached to their daughter. I was 18 and I lactated for a few days. I asked my Dr and he said I had probaly got too bonded with their baby. It was strange. She became my whole world and their family drama was sucking me in I had to protect her. More story to come.


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