Yesterday I went to a Cottage and Lake front living show. There was also an Outdoor-rama in the same place. The Lakefront living show was nice. Had alot of different things to do to your home or cottage. I would like to have a home up north Michigan. I spent alot of my childhood to just the about 4 years ago up there. Anyhow, I saw this booth that sells these cherry products I like. It was weird because the night before I ordered some online. They are from where I use to go up north, so the lady just gave me what I ordered instead of paying for shipping and handling,that was nice of her.  There were lots of things like paintings and stuff that were replicas of lakes up north. My daddys lake was there.  I could buy a puzzle of it and put it together,how cool is that?  Well, I gathered a bunch of brochures from different booths there. Later on that night at home my husband was looking at some of the brochures. All of a sudden he says, " your Dad is in this brochure". He barely had the words out and I was crying.   About 6 years ago my Dad had been asked to do some modeling have you for a casino close to where he was living at the time which was up north.  They are still useing the picture.  Some of you may not know,my Daddy passed away last June after a 2 year battle with Pancreas cancer.  I asked my husband after I stopped crying that I am not too sure how I should feel about this. He said I should be proud.   I am..      I just miss him terribly. Sunday will be my moms birthday. She also passed away from Breast cancer 17 years ago.  I miss her also.  My parents wre the best. Always there for me.. I feel so lonely without them..

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  1. rq5738 13 years ago

     I'm so sorry, my friend… about your cat and your missing your parents… the pain will lessen ewentually. You're in my thoughts and prayers…



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