The ugly pot was sitting next to my juices! Now I will never be able to enjoy them. That's the thought running through my head, and the image of the old, downtrodden pot sitting next to my juices is playing over and over in my head, and I don't want to go inside my house until I'm sure I can enjoy my juices without the image of the old pot sitting next to them haunting me. my mom came over and cooked in her old pot, instead of my new one, but not only that, she put the pot with leftover food in the refrigerator, next to my favorite bottled juices. I'm so angry with her, but I feel guilty for being angry, because it really shouldn't matter and its unreasonable to restrict her every movement when she visits my house, just because of the OCD. It's this over racked ocd brain that makes minutia like this disturb and torture me. And because I am pure O, I don't have any compulsions that I can do to take the anxiety away for at least a temporary moment. I could drink the pain away, but am tired of drinking. To remain sharp for work, I can't drink every night, because my job is pretty demanding.This OCD really takes its toll on me somedays. Somedays I'm fine, other days its these little shifts in my environment that changes how I want things ordered in my house, like when my mom uses a pot and puts it in the refrigerator instead of putting the leftover food in foil or a Tupperware container like my braun believes it should be. I suppose this is a moment in which I can practice exposure, but I just want a break from this agony and torture of trying to make sure everything is confined in its appropriate place.Please help if you can. I'm going to try to meditate and shift my perspective


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