I hate the fact that I can't even ask for help..

I'm literally sh*t out of luck whenever it comes to anything.

I asked my sister for help on some type of job site.Her excuse on why she couldn't help me was because she used the site years ago and she doesn't know how it works anymore.

All I needed help on was a few categories about what I want to do and organization things.

The names there were so specific, and there were a lot.

She got pissed and told me to google all of it.

That would take me at least an hour and a half to do, and I have two papers, due monday, to worry about. So I figured she could help because I'm sure she's seen some of them and maybe it would make her remember some other things on the website.

But no, instead I get yelled at because I'm "too lazy" to google it.

F*Ck! Is it so bad to ask for help every once in a while?!

My parent raised me to always ask for help if I needed something, whether it was in school, or life in general. Guess I can't do that..

And my sisteralways told me that if I needed help, all Ihad to do was ask her.

Now she's mad because I did what she said??

I can't ask my mom to help me because 1) she's two hours away, and 2) she's at work, so I can't do it over the phone either..

I can't ask my dad because he's also two hours away and at work.

On top of that, they'll get mad that my sister isn't helping, considering the fact that she's done it before..

My sister claimed that she was "in the zone" while she was "studying" and that me asking her to stop even for a little ruined her zone.


She didn't care for studying when she was playing games for 3 hours! Now all the sudden she cares?

No. I call BS.

If you can BS around for hours, you can help me for 5 minutes.

Oh, and mighty funny how you're studying with the lights off, and it takes you 2 minutes to come out your roomafter you said you were coming.. And your hair was a mess, your eyes were glazed over, and your clothes looked hastily put on..

If you don't care enough about studying to actually study, but do "things" instead, then 5 minutes of your time won't kill you tohelp me with something relevant..

Yet again, I go through a mental hell, and my sister does nothing but enjoy her life.

This is all bullshit.


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