so hi, Jason back here… been 8 months since my last blog and that was about me coming out as trans finally. That’s was me coming out to my friends. But it wasn’t till a month later that I came out to my family. Only three family members excepted me, everyone else thought and/or hopes it’s a phase.

Its not.

I’m still pre everything and that’s kind of scary. But I’ve been passing more which is fun. I got out of a toxic relationship and now have a girlfriend. My longest female relationship, the first one was in fourth grade and her mother made her move back to Cali because she didn’t want her to be gay… besides the point… I’m happy. She calls me Jason and never gets my pronouns wrong, stands up for me when other people disrespect me and my pronouns. She the fucking best and I love her.

Im pre-T which is still freaking annoying but I’m working on it. I have officially 345 days till I’m 18 and get my top surgery. This summer I’m getting my name changed so when substitutes call my name it’ll be my real name and not my dead name, thank goodness. Also trying to start gender therapy but having a hard time finding a place, because I live in a small town that hates gays… umm… I’m getting my first STP packer this summer so I can use the guys bathroom. But in public now I still use the guys bathroom and it makes me happy. I’ve decided I’m not going to get bottom surgery just because of the chances of it looking deformed… I probably will change my mind and be like I want to but I doubt it… The last like two weeks strangers havent misgenderd me which has been fucking!!! Yay! Lol… but yeahhhhh.


Ive had to cut a lot of people out of my life and shit but I regret nothing and I’m finally happy. I still have a while to go before my body is where it’s supposed to be but that’s okay… I’m not taking people’s BS and I’m living my life for me, what more could I ask for?


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